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Making Dreams Come True

I founded ELEVEN26 EVENT PLANNING with one goal in mind: to design and produce creative and unforgettable events for every occasion. From small intimate affairs to large-scale parties, we strive to execute events that not only aim to impress, but also create unique experiences for our clients and their guests that last long after the fun is over.

Chanda Simmons
Chanda is a native of Waycross, GA about 250 miles southeast of Atlanta, GA


Why the name Eleven26?

I love celebrating birthdays, weddings, and parties! And what better celebration to be inspired by than my very own birthday!  November 26th! And Eleven26 Event Planning was born! With each wedding, party, and shower that I plan, I am giving others joy and great memories.

For the budget conscious

ELEVEN26 EVENTS is passionate about curating unforgettable experiences that inspire but also on a budget.  Who said that only the rich and famous can have an elegant, nice, and classy event?  Well, so can you even on a budget.  I work really hard to give clients the experience they want while staying with their budget.  You will be happy to know that I hold an MBA degree and many years of experience in accounting and finance so figuring out how to stay within your budget is what I do well!! 

Chanda Simmons
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